Thursday, 8 March 2012

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Connecting us with ideas to create

Artists are born and cannot be created but 

they can motivate

others to get ideas for creation or at 

minimum to admire the things they see.

Artist cannot be defined in a single word but 

it captivates a whole world of

vision and thoughts purely reflecting an artistic mind. 

Particularly talking about painting, a mode of creative

expression is dealing in the application of paint, pigment and colors on canvas

or any suitable surface as a base. Earlier painting was only limited to certain

media and surfaces like clay, paper, wood, glass, canvas or walls. The history

of art forms in the late centuries usually covers a huge portion as spiritual

art work whether either eastern or western art. Today art has taken a new form

including a lot of variation in color and tones along with many of the

non-traditional elements too.

It is not necessary which form we use or which element is

highlighted, the main purpose is to show the free flow of energy exposed by an

artist. It is also the freedom of perception exhibited by the attitude and

expressions of a person, which directly relates to esthetical value.

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